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Using 6string and 4string chords on one website

Posted: 2020-05-31, 09:13
by MMucha
When You define chords You seem to could choose between 6- and 4-string instruments.
But I had to learn that You have to decide in the settings to choose ONE of this possibilities.
After You have choosen eg a 6strings Setting, You couldn’t define a 4-strings chord - it always switches back to the default pattern, chooses in the settings, when a chord is set.

I would like to present chords for Ukulele and guitar. Am I right, That only one instrument could be used on a website, depending on the settings of chordpress?
Will this be changed?

Second question: the chords can only be choosen in the Lay-out by number - would be easier, to choose them by name: is a feature request ;-)

Re: Using 6string and 4string chords on one website

Posted: 2020-07-29, 18:10
by George
Hi MMucha,

I apologize for the long delay in my response. Corona took on toll on us all.

Thanks for your notes on the Chordpress plugin. I am not sure when I will get back to it these days but then I will look into your comments.

Best regards,