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Absence Types

Posted: 2017-07-28, 10:39
by ngarnier
In TCN I would like to manage my team's guard days.
The guard days are recorded in Absence Types so when a colaborator wants to place an absence on a day of guard, the day of guard is removed.

There is not an option that allows you to block the day and prevent it from putting an absence.

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Re: Absence Types

Posted: 2017-07-30, 18:21
by George
Hi Nicolas,

that is an interesting use case.
What this would require is an option for a Holiday type that makes sure no abesence can be set for it. That would be a new feature to TCN.
So what you would do is create a Holiday called "Guard Day" and mark the guard days in your region as such.
The new feature would reject any absences requested for such a day.

I will track this feaure request here:

Best regards,