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Posted: 2017-07-25, 17:22
by ngarnier

I'm on TeamCal Neo version 1.5.002 hosting on a Debian 8.
I do not understand how the LDAP configuration is done, I modify the file for the rules of my configuration.
More about connecting to my LDAP ID a message appears.

User name unknown
The username you entered is unknown. Try Again.

Can you help thank you in advance.

PS: I apologize for my level of English


Posted: 2017-07-25, 17:32
by George
Hi there,

the LDAP module was contributed by another user and I haven't heard about any problems with it yet.
How it basically works is, you enter the appropriate information for your LDAP server and organization in
The username and password is then taken from the TCNEO login screen and submitted to that LDAP server.

The message you get makes me think that something in your LDAP settings in is wrong. Obviously your usersname is not found with that information. Are you sure all the settings are correct?

I myself have never used LDAP, I always authenticate agains TCNEO.

Best regards,


Posted: 2017-07-26, 11:31
by ngarnier
Thank you for being quick.

My config:

define('LDAP_YES', 1); // Use LDAP authentication
define('LDAP_ADS', 0); // Set to 1 when authenticating against an Active Directory
define('LDAP_HOST', "XX.XX.X.XXX"); // LDAP host name
define('LDAP_PORT', "389"); // LDAP port
define('LDAP_PASS', "********"); // SA associated password
define('LDAP_DIT', "CN=ldap_glpi,OU=Acces Ldap,OU=Gestion,OU=Comptes Specifiques,DC=test-local,DC=local"); // Directory Information Tree (Relative Distinguished Name)
define('LDAP_SBASE', "OU=Test,DC=Test-etat,DC=local"); // Search base, location in the LDAP dirctory to search
define('LDAP_TLS', 1); // To avoid "Undefined index: LDAP_TLS" error message for LDAP bind to Active Directory

For me everything is good but about the connection it takes account of the LDAP configuration.


Posted: 2017-07-26, 16:29
by George
I can't see anything obvious either.
Did you try to set ADS to 1 (even tho not AD) and TLS to 0? Just for the heck of it.


Posted: 2017-07-26, 17:53
by ngarnier
Thank you, I found a bad configuration was made