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New Forum

Posted: 2011-11-21, 17:37
by George
Hello everybody,

I have decided to migrate the meanwhile aged Fireboard forum to a Phpbb3 forum. It offers more and better features and is surely a step forward.

The migration went fine, except for the user passwords, avatars and attachments. (Believe me, it was struggle enough to get the posts over :-)).

User passwords
Your username still exists but your password will probably not work when you try to login. If you can't login to the new forum then please click on the 'Forgot my password' link. This will create a new password for you and will sent it to your e-Mail address.

Please re-upload your avatar if you want it to be displayed.

If you can't access any of the attachments referenced in the posts, post it in the topic and I recover the file.

If you experience any problems, let me know via the contact page.

I am confident that you will appreciate the better forum features and security.

Best regards,

Re: New Forum

Posted: 2016-10-18, 22:24
by George
Hi all,
after the forum had been severly hacked by Russian spammers I was finally able to recover it from an older backup.
Several posts and user accounts from the last months have been lost and I apologize for that.
I will have a closer look on it now and give it another try.
I hope you will still enjoy this platform to communicate with other users and myself.
Best regards,