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how to install dutch laguage

Posted: 2011-02-16, 09:36
by joostsoo
I'm new on this tool.
I installed a new version on my server and it works fine.
Now I want to add the dutch language to it.
I could not find how this is done.
Could someone tell me this,

Thanks Joost

Re:how to install dutch laguage

Posted: 2011-02-24, 14:50
by George
Hi joostsoo

TeamCal Pros language files are located in the folder


in the TeamCal Pro directory.

TeamCal Pro comes with English and German language. The files are called english.tcpro.php and deutsch.tcpro.php.

To create a Dutch version I suggest you copy on of those two files and name it dutch.tcpro.php. Then edit it and change the language strings to Dutch.

A Dutch language file already exists for an older version of TeamCal Pro (2.9.004). You can find it here if you want to base your translation on it: ... &Itemid=45

Hope that helps.