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Problems with more than 42 Users

Posted: 2015-07-17, 22:52
by Suffer1981de
Hi George,

sorry that I'm not able to post this on Attlassian. Somehow I can't manage to sign up.

Problem origin: on calender.php with more than 42 users per page firefox / internet explorer on any windows pc
Symptoms: Page won't load and the "Save this file" box appears instead of delivering the page

Everything is fine just the way it used to be on mobile phones and mac's. All other pages are just fine (yearcalender, userlist, config, etc.) even on windows pc's.

Custom Stuff I use: LDAP Authentication

Best regards


Re: Problems with more than 42 Users

Posted: 2015-09-14, 20:28
by George
Hi Suffer1981de,
I am very sorry for this late reply. I admit I haven't checked the forum for a while since issues are reported in JIRA. Can you let me know what exactly went wrong during the registration there?

For the TCP problem you have, is there any chance you can give me access to your instance. Maybe you can send me a PM here.

Best regards,

Re: Problems with more than 42 Users

Posted: 2015-09-22, 20:53
by George
Hi Suffer

please refer to this thread which might be related to your problem:

Best regards,