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Factor and Count as fields don't update

Posted: 2013-12-05, 10:13
by jtravers
Hi, I'm evaluating the latest (3.6.010) version of the code I was trying to apply different factor weights to a common pool of absences. An example would be a half day where this would take 0.5 from the common vacation pool. I tried this with a new absence and neither the factor weight nor the count as seem to accumulate correctly - tried both on a local install as well as the demo site.

The easiest way to check this is with the sample data. Add a half day to user mimouse - by default this has factor 0.5 and counts as vacation. The users half day count increases by 1 and the vacation count does not change. Is there something obvious that I am overlooking?


Re: Factor and Count as fields don't update

Posted: 2013-12-13, 11:16
by George
Hi Jamie
I checked this quickly and admit it looks odd to me too on first sight. I can't dig into this right now but I have opened a bug report on my site here:
I will spend some time on TCP next week again.
Thanks for spotting this and best regards,

Re: Factor and Count as fields don't update

Posted: 2014-01-21, 16:18
by smialc
I am also having problems with half day vacation factoring in version and fresh installs.

If a user takes 1 full and 1 half vacation day (factor of .5) against a total of 20 allowed the totals show accurately in the user profile Absence Count but not in the regular calendar view under the Remainder column.

This happens both when I used the sample sql data or when I used the empty sql file and entered my own users/data. It also happened on the TeamCal demo site.

Screenshot of Absence Types:


Screenshot of incorrect Remainder count:


Screenshot of correct Absence count:


Thank you for such a great application. If we can get this bug resolved I'll be very happy to use the software.

Re: Factor and Count as fields don't update

Posted: 2014-01-22, 21:16
by George
Hi smialc,
thanks for your bug report. I will follow up on it here:

I created an account for you there. Check your email.