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Some problems with your tool

Posted: 2010-08-06, 12:05
by Karon1981

we have the tool in our company in use and we have some problems:

- We want to show public holidays in the calendar, which are created in the public holiday list in the administration. How can I do that or is this not possible?

- How can we use half days for holidays? How is this possible?

- When we want to create new absence types, the tool loads a while, then a Time-Out-Error will be shown. How can we handle this?

I hope for your help, because we love your tool.

Best regards,

Re:Some problems with your tool

Posted: 2010-08-28, 09:41
by George
Hi Karon,

you can mark public holidays in the month calendar. When you look at the calendar display you will see an icon right next to each month name. Click on that icon to get to the month calendar dialog.

Tcpro's smallest unit is one day. There are no half-days, you can only assign one absence type per day. You can create your own absence types though. So you might want ot create an absence type like "Morning Shift" which automatically means that the person has the afternoon off.

I cannot reproduce the timeout error. Does it also happen in the demo at ?

Best regards,