Entering holidays in an other month -> errormessag

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Entering holidays in an other month -> errormessag

Post by snaker » 2010-04-28, 16:55

Hi George,

just a question: works this as designed?
From calenderview I go to my personal montheditor (url: http://servername/tcpro/editcalendar.ph ... ng=english) and want to edit for example my holidays.

I choose the "date range input" with this cute mini-calenders in "from" and "to". I select the kind of holiday in the left and then click on the calender icon in from. Type "2010-04-26" and in "to" I type "2010-05-07". This is possible by the "next month" > and "next year" >> buttons right of the "today"-button. Now I wanna apply this entry but get the errormessage: "Please enter a range within the year and month you are editing!".

Because there is a defined errormessage I think this function works as designed but why is a reservation like this included? A user is confused if he have the possibility to choose the next month (or year ^^) with a button but is not allowed to save this entry.

Could this be fixed by removing this arrows or allowing to save holidays outside the month in the URL?

Thank you a lot =)

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Re:Entering holidays in an other month -> errormessag

Post by George » 2010-04-28, 21:35

Hi snaker,

valid point. The calender edit loads one month only. If you click "next", the next month is loaded. You can only check absences for the month loaded. This is the current design. I agree that the Next buttons are not logical. However, at this point it is like it is. I'll keep this in mind and see whether I can redesign it. Thanks for the note.

Best regards,
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