Using another DB users with TeamCal ?

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Using another DB users with TeamCal ?

Post by nameless » 2010-04-27, 18:11


Firstly, thanks to Georges for your work on this wonderfull calendar ! I didn't tried it yet, but I'll try for sure !

One question : Would it be possible to use another DB with users/password with TeamCal ?

I'm having a website for which I manage my users, and I'd like they could be able to use the calendar once they get logged on the website, without having to register or re-logon to post an event...

Would that be possible ? I looked quickly @ your script, and as far I seen, this wouldn't need so much modification, isn't it ? (tclogin, tcusers, tcusergroup)

Thanks for your answers :)


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Re:Using another DB users with TeamCal ?

Post by George » 2010-04-27, 22:10

Hi nameless,

in general it is possible to retrieve information from a user table that resides in a different database. However, it is some effort to do so.

The passwords must be salted (encrypted) by the same code in the alternative database. You should start with changing tclogin.class.php to see whether you can run the login against your database. ALternatively you can try the LDAP login if you have set that up.

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