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Calendar icons somewhat mangled...

Posted: 2009-11-04, 22:24
by svnipp
I have just upgraded from 3.1.005 to 3.2.004, and this upgrade has definitely resolved some very annoying problems with the pop-up windows not closing and updating the main browser properly. This is a really great fix and it's hard to believe that I have waited this long to do this update.

Unfortunately, several of the calendar icons are not displaying properly. These icons don't have a background color and also don't have a proper border around them. This is only for some of the icons. I confirmed this on your demo that the behavior is the same there and this is in both IE 6 and Firefox 3.5. Any idea when you might have this corrected?

I really want to push this update out to my team, but until the icon issue is corrected I'll have to stick with the old version. Thanks again for the great product.

Re:Calendar icons somewhat mangled...

Posted: 2009-11-25, 00:32
by George

I have seen that before, not very often though. I cannot reproduce it at will but what seems to be the problem is that the CSS file for new or changed absence types are not written correctly. What helps in such cases is to go to the absence type list as Administrator and just click [Update] again for the absence type in question. Then refresh the screen a few times until the CSS is loaded correctly (overwriting your local cache).

I have just done that on the demo and it worked just fine.

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