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Messages & Email Notifications?

Posted: 2009-02-25, 20:12
by reagan

I have a little config question in regard to 'Messages & Email Notifications'...not all messages are sent - I think I have something 'switched' incorrectly.

Within the TeamCal Configuration (ver.3.2.001) I have "E-Mail Notifications" checked.

Within my own User account under "Options/e-Mail Notifications" I have checked to be notified when a User or Group is added or changed and also when A User Calendar is Changed of Group (and the group being 'Admin' which I am a Manager).

If I make a change to the Admin group calendar (add / edit) my calender or anyone else within the Admin emails are ever received.

If I go to TOOLS > MESSAGE - I can send messages as "Email" or as "Announcement" to anyone, works great.

Any idea what I have screwed-up? I'm sure it's me, because TeamCal is a Darn fine application.